These words are designed to make you love us. (Words won’t matter if you push play.)
They said, “You need a BIO!”
They said, “You’ll be big in Japan by Tuesday!” if we only had a BIO.
So, we coughed up timelines and unearthed trophies. By the time we started naming names for our
name-dropping campaign, we’d repulsed ourselves and quit taking our own calls for validation as if a
history of this kind matters…that all rests on the power of the music.
This is our many years of doing.
We know how we got here.
Do you?
Long ago and far away, Amy Ray, one half of The Indigo Girls, signed James Hall to her indie label
Daemon Records because his voice made her cry… and while that’s not the intention here with The
Ladies Of… they do want to the push emotions back into your soul.


Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet: James Hall

Guitar/Vocals: Jim Troglen

Bass: James Wahl

Lead Guitar: Mark Patrick

Drums/Vocals: Jack Massey