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These words are designed to make you love us. (Words won’t matter if you push play.)
They said, “You need a BIO!”
They said, “You’ll be big in Japan by Tuesday!” if we only had a BIO.
So, we coughed up timelines and unearthed trophies. By the time we started naming names for our
name-dropping campaign, we’d repulsed ourselves and quit taking our own calls for validation as if a
history of this kind matters…that all rests on the power of the music.
This is our many years of doing.
We know how we got here.
Do you?
Long ago and far away, Amy Ray, one half of The Indigo Girls, signed James Hall to her indie label
Daemon Records because his voice made her cry… and while that’s not the intention here with The
Ladies Of… they do want to push emotions back into your soul.

Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet: James Hall

Guitar/Vocals: Jim Troglen

Bass: James Wahl

Lead Guitar: Mark Patrick

Drums/Vocals: Jack Massey




“…a barrage of slinky, night-crawling music….” – AL.com

Jeff Tomei explains the band’s hybrid approach to songwriting, which has become a three-head monster
effort between him, guitarist Jim Troglen, and singer James Hall. They will play a game of musical ping-
pong to streamline the arrangements. “We write from our hearts and never worry about specific
genres,” Jeff explains. Then the rest of the band will come into the studio, with Mark Patrick on guitars,
James Wahl on bass, and Jack Massey on drums, to hammer them out. Singer James Hall (there are
three members with the name James if you’re not paying attention) is sometimes known as “the clean-
up hitter” that includes his signature trumpet; as Tomei says, “his talents have no boundaries.”
Drummer Jack Massey oversees quality control with more fine-tuning to create the band’s signature

“… they’re a bit far-flung geographically and musically as well, but it largely revolves around a
charismatic bonfire familiar to anyone who’s followed Hall’s other musical concerns since the ‘90s:
glamorous-trash rock ‘n’ roll swapping spit with sticky-slick funk ‘n’ soul, a horny commotion ignited
from a clash of cosmopolitan cool and carnal heat.” – Stomp and Stammer (a now-defunct mag)

“… what distinguishes Hall is his frenetic live performance style, which can leave a crowd both
exhilarated and a bit shaken.” – Creative Loafing

The core band and the production team share a diverse history between the active members; however,
this is not a ‘super-group.’ Birthed in 2012, a band-like version of writers began to perform around the
Southeast. With this group, you have to dig deep with each member, from James Hall, who’s had his
share of wonder and fame since his days with Mary My Hope and The Pleasure Club, to Mark Patrick and
Jack Massey, who were members of the seminal rock band, Storm Orphans to Jim Troglen’s musical
adventures from NYC to LA back to Alabama rounding out with James Wahl who is the band’s youngest
member. Jaz Jillette and Sam Smithwick are other vocals that add to the band’s sound on the album.
As a perpetual composing machine, The Ladies of…hit a dinger just last summer with Troglen’s “When I
Get Paid,” which grabbed a nice spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts.
On the live tip, where the electricity comes in, The Ladies Of … can pop off at a BBQ, a festival, or a
boutique venue, commandeering the boogie, emitting rays of old-school tongue-in-cheek angst.



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